4 Steps to Make Luxury Homes More Eco Friendly


Our home is our sanctuary. We take care of it, groom it, clean and make it as luxurious as our budgets allow. Luxury homes are becoming more and more common nowadays with people aspiring toward making and buying the best dwellings they can. Elegant living is trend du jour and nothing says you have arrived better than a stunning home. However, if you are looking toward more environmentally friendly living the general assumption has always been that you have to compromise a heck of a lot on your luxury and lifestyle in order to have a greener footprint.

This cannot be further from the truth. With loads of eco friendly developments and manufacturers of greener products, simple switches in everything from the actual construction of your home to how you live in it, can make a big difference.

Let us take a look at  a few things you can do to make your luxury home more environmentally friendly –

  1. Use natural materials – When people usually hear the word natural when building their dream home, images of a rustic log cabin or a ramshackle home in the country come to mind. However you can get luxury eco friendly houses that are built using more natural materials. Another tactic is to use locally sourced materials for construction. This not only helps local businesses but cuts down on transportation and thereby fuel consumption, pollution and the like. You can be luxurious and still decrease your carbon footprint!
  1. Use better products – Whether it is a town house in Manhattan or best luxury apartments in Mumbai we call use products to clean, decorate, illuminate and run our homes and these are items that can be substituted if need be. You will find natural products for everything from wipes to wipe your counter to the dish washing liquid you use. Changing to energy saving and low wattage bulbs and tube lights can also make a big difference on your power consumption. These are just a couple examples of the many things you can change within the home without compromising on your lifestyle or the quality and standards you are used to.
  1. Spread more greenery – Do you plan to build or buys a home on a decent sized lot? Well, the most obvious solution is to help planet earth by planting more trees; or shrubs and bushes or even more potted plants for that matter. Have an apartment or a town house? Simply add more plants to your balcony space or in the window sills. Additional greenery will make any home look far more beautiful and also help tremendously in improving air quality. Go a step further by collecting rain water and use it to water your plants. Water used to wash produce like fruits and vegetables can also be used to water potted plants instead of simply letting it drain down the sink.
  1. Switch to better fittings – That draft in your attic or the cool air in the living room is more than just a sign of a faulty fitting window. Poor insulation in a home leads to major wastage over time and is a big power drain. Investment in better windows and insulation systems to keep homes warm or cool at their optimum level. Also consider buying air conditioners, heaters, water heaters etc. with temperature control settings.  Make sure you turn off or turn down the heating and cooling system when you leave the home to avoid power wastage.

Bio –

Judy Shaw is an interior designer with her own business since the past 6 years. She says that her clients especially those with mid-sized and luxury apartments in Mumbai are becoming far more particular about adopting green modes of living. She also loves writing and blogs regularly about interior design and real estate.

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