5 Tips for Organizing a Small Closet

When you’re living in an apartment or small home, chances are that you don’t have much closet space to work with. Back when I lived at my last apartment, for example, I only had 2 closets in the entire place. This makes staying organized pretty difficult. I invested in boxes, shoe cabinets, and shelving to hide all of my belongings.

Then, one day, I had a realization: I don’t need to buy a bunch of extra stuff, I can get creative and turn my belongings into “art”.

With a little creativity and a lot of patience, you can keep your tiny closets organized while simultaneously making them appear larger. I have put together some of my tips on organizing a small closet below-and almost all of them can be done DIY-style.

Remove The Door

If you’re living in an apartment with small closets, take the doors off of the hinges. By removing the door, you’ll not only make the closet look larger, but it will look seamless with the rest of your room. Add a curtain if you’d like to maintain the separation from the room.

Take Things Out of Hiding

If you have a few designer handbags, or colorful scarves that you’re proud of, they shouldn’t be hiding in your closet. Bring them into your room and display them. For scarves, try hanging them on staggered hooks on a wall in your room. You can also attach a towel rod in your room and hang scarves, necklaces, and other dangling accessories. Another great idea? Use the towel rod to hang your outfits for the week and keep the rest of your clothes in the closet.

For hangbags, you can hang them on the wall in a geometric pattern, or invest in some built-in storage for your room. Displaying your accessories is a fun DIY activity and can clear up tons of space in your closet.

Double Your Closet

A closet doubler allows you to get twice the amount of storage that you’d normally get. It’s an adjustable hanging bar that you can add on top or below your standard bar. This way, you can put your pants on the lower rung and your tops on the upper rung.

Add Hanging Storage

From slide-out belt racks to simple hooks and hardware, you should utilize your wall space as much as possible. Hanging closet storage is ideal for shoes, belts, and even hats. It uses the least amount of space in your closet and makes everything look clean. You can even use a silverware drawer to attach to a wall in your closet to store your random things.

Use Proper Lighting

Lighting makes a difference when you walk into a closet. The correct lighting can make a small closet feel larger, and will help you see clearly. What’s more, you can easily lose things when you have dark corners. In order to light the entire space, try adding some battery-powered lighting options toward the back of the closet.

Look into purchasing motion detecting lights, in addition to the lighting that comes with your closet.

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