5 Tips to Consider When Integrating Art Into Your Home

Decorating your home can be one of the most exciting parts of transition. You have gone through the grunt work of a move into a new house and it is time to begin making it home. Hanging art on the walls can be the first step to making a place feel more like yours. Choosing which artwork for each room, though, can be another step entirely. Included here are a few tips to consider before purchasing artwork for your rooms.


Respect the Color Scheme

If you adhere religiously to a Martha Stewart-inspired home, you probably have some set color schemes in your rooms. Before you make the leap and purchase a new piece of artwork, be sure it meshes well with your color scheme. Things do not have to match exactly, but you will want accent pieces in the room to compliment the color scheme of your artwork.


Cultivate Contours

There are countless artists creating remarkable sculptures every day. Don’t limit your home to simple 2D works of art. Park West Gallery recommends finding a furniture piece to showcase your 3D sculpture in a central location as well as appropriate lighting. Make sure the artwork is viewable from all angles and is not easily obstructed.


Be Age Appropriate

While some Renaissance-inspired paintings may have great appeal and draw, they may not fit well in the children’s rooms. Try to match any new art purchases to the ambiance of the room. Darker, historical works will suit a library better, while brightly colored abstract pieces will delight the children. Living spaces should have pieces that can appeal to all ages and guests.


Keep It On The Level

Deciding what height on a wall to hang a painting is crucial for the put-together feel of a room. You want to hang any works of art at about eye level for the majority of viewers in order for everyone to feel comfortable in your room and enjoy your new masterpiece. Hanging artwork too high or low can make the room feel off-balanced and uncomfortable.


Embrace a Theme

There is nothing wrong with choosing a seaside theme for your bathroom, just make sure you are consistent. It can be disjointed to have a room full of seascapes and then add in a Picasso piece suddenly. Try to keep all of your works of art adhering to a certain genre, topic or time period. If you want a room to be all black and white, pursue that scheme; don’t suddenly add in a brightly colored tropical bird just because it appealed to you. All artwork will shine best when it is in ideal surroundings; don’t let a picture get less attention simply because it clashes with the room.

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