Add a little bit of personality to your home decor

It’s true when people say that your home should reflect who you are and your personality. People are busier than they ever have been before, so how do you do this without spending months redecorating? Here are a few helpful tips to make your home more ‘you’.

Kitchen or Dining Area

Adding a pinch of ‘you’ to your kitchen or dining area is easy, simply by choosing items that you adore. First think about the items that you need:

  •         Teapots
  •         Cups and Saucers
  •         Plates
  •         Bowls
  •         Table cloths
  •         Tea-Towels

The most used item in your house is undoubtedly your crockery. It is very easy to stroll down the safe path and buy a boring, plain-white, cheap set, but is that you? Probably not. With so many different designs, patterns, shapes and styles available there really is no reason to not to express your personality this way! At stores like Denby there are wonderful patterns to choose from like, polka dots, sensational swirls, flowers, vintage prints and modern colour blocks.

Finding your Perfect Pattern

Not only will your crockery and pots be used constantly but they should last throughout your lifetime (it might be useful to have a couple of sets) It is therefore important to find the perfect patterns for your home. The best advice that can be given to you is to just simply, look around. In a few seconds you can make snap judgements on what you like and what you definitely don’t. It’s all about individual taste. Ask yourself questions and consider the theme of your kitchen; is it 60s inspired retro? Is it reminiscent of the elegant Victorians? Or Modern Chrome? Keep these aspects in your mind’s eye to find the most supreme match. Consider yourself; don’t waste your time on what your friends would prefer, a home that you love is a home that you will be happy in.

Dressing the Table

For special occasions and the holiday season like Christmas, Easter and New Year you may have special table cloths you keep for these times of the year. Why not have a selection of tablecloths that you use throughout the year handpicked by yourself – not for practicality or just because they’re cheap or on sale, but because it caught your eye for its beauty. Dressing the table can really brighten up your home and add a little elegance. You spend a lot of time and effort on picking the best curtains and carpet for your rooms, so why not put the same energy into choosing your tableware? You are sure to impress your dinner guests (even making them envious) and isn’t that what dinner parties are all about?

So go on, don’t be shy, and be bold! Buy items that you love and admire – it is your home after all. Experiment with different patterns like those found at Denby and colours. Remember you can always keep the boring, cheap stuff for everyday use, just make sure you stay true to you and express yourself!

Mary writes regularly on the latest homeware fashions for a range of interior design and lifestyle websites and blogs. She visits sites like to keep up to date with the latest collections and trends.

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