Handy Dos and Don’ts For Small Businesses when Setting Up a New Office

Setting up a new office can be a time consuming and costly affair. We all dream of that perfect office space to house our businesses in. It not just symbolises the work we plan to do, but also becomes a symbol of the dreams we harbour for our business, the life we envision with the success we want to achieve and the mark we want to make in the world. Therefore it definitely comes as no great surprise that people put in a lot of thought and well, money to make an empty office space so very distinctly theirs!

Whether it is a new start-up or you are an older more established company looking to move base, establishing a functional, attractive and practical office set-up is usually the goal and within the budget too of course. Employees and staff aside, there are various things to consider when planning for this new work space.

We have rounded up a few dos and don’ts for any one looking to set up a new office –

  • Do keep an open open mind about the space – Yes, you have always imagined a large spacious office space all to yourself, but don’t let that be the only thing you would consider especially when you are a start-up with a limited budget. With a premium office in Mumbai and other such big cities so prohibitively expensive nowadays, a new trend that is catching on is that of a shared office space, wherein two or more small companies share the main working space for most of the employees. Of course, you can segregate the areas and keep the main cabins for higher ups separate. But just sharing that one big offices and public spaces like the kitchen, rest rooms and the like can save you big bucks.
  • Don’t go overboard on a short term space – Your new office may not be ‘the’ right one but something fine for right now. If you are renting or leasing on a short term lease, do not invest all your capital in doing up the space with the fanciest of the fancy. Some essentials need to be spent on, but keep costs for décor and additional frills and fancies to the least you can possibly manage.
  • Do keep a firm check on your inventory – One of the biggest cash drains in any office set ups is the ever mounting inventory ranging from everything like stationary to printer cartridges to food and  kitchen supplies. Once you do move base and have some basic system in place, start keeping a track of how much you will actually be needing for all these incidentals. Yes, you cannot scrimp so much so that it leads to a shortage and you get stuck in a jam, but don’t keep buying copious quantities that either just seem to disappear or lie languishing forgotten in some cupboard. An organised system will go a long, long way in keeping your budget on track. Consider looking online and in wholesale stores for budget conscious supplies shopping.
  • Don’t forget to check connectivity at the new location – This step actually should be one before you actually finalise on a new office space. With the amazing amount we depend on the internet and a really fast connection at that to do all our work, contact clients, communicate with partners etc., a sound and fast connection is critical. Not so mention back -up support and customer service if there’s any issue. If your business will depend largely on this kind of connectivity make sure the service providers in that location are equipped to do so.

Bio –

Kevin Periera is a real estate agent in the Mumbai district area. He believes that when it comes to looking for a premium office, Mumbai city has plenty to offer property buyers. He often counsels his clients on money saving and organisational tips and has a website on the same.

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