How To Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Design

Not all kitchens are created equally, so you may find that yours needs some work or some updates. Maybe you just don’t have enough cupboard or counter space. Maybe you wish you had a more up-to-date stove or refrigerator. Maybe you just want an island, and you don’t have one.

When it’s time to remodel your kitchen, here are four things that you should look into doing. They are four of the most popular things for kitchen remodels, and you may just realize your kitchen is missing one of them.

Create A Kitchen Pantry Space

If you find that your kitchen just doesn’t have enough cupboard space you may want to implement a pantry. You can go for an open-air pantry, have one that is in a larger cupboard space, or you can have a walk in pantry.

Pantries do a lot of great things for the kitchen, like keep all of your shelf-stable food stuffs in one place. The most important thing the pantry does, however, is help keep your kitchen more organized and it makes it easier to find the spices or canned goods you need when you need them.

Getting An Island

An island in your kitchen offers a more open design, and there are so many things that an island can offer. You can have an island that has a sink, one that has an oven, or one that is just a simple countertop for food preparation or even for dining with the addition of some bar stools.

The kitchen island can also offer you more cupboard space. There are islands made for all different kitchen sizes as well.

Making It Look Larger

Most people just want their kitchen to look bigger. While your island can help with that, there are also other ways to open your kitchen up more. One of the best ways doesn’t even have to cost much, and you may be able to do it on your own.

Give your kitchen a facelift by painting it a lighter color. You don’t have to go for white, but pick something that is bright to make the space look bigger and brighter. Maybe a soft yellow or a pale blue, depending on the color of your appliances.

Upgrading Your Appliances

Speaking of appliances,  you may want to upgrade them as well. Your old refrigerator may not be keeping your food as cold as it once did. Maybe your stove is just too grimy to clean up all that well. Look into some more up-to-date versions.

One thing to keep in mind when appliance shopping is to look for items that are friendlier to the environment. Watch for Energy Star stickers.

You don’t have to settle for a subpar kitchen. Look into a remodel and you’ll be happier to spend time cooking and cleaning in there!

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