Taking care of the outside of your house

Whilst most people spend most of their time and money dealing with the interior of their homes, whether it is redecorating or remodeling, it seems that increasingly people are neglecting to look after their exteriors. Keeps your house looking good on the outside with these tips.

When thinking about the exterior of your home, it is worth taking a step outside and thinking about what a fresh pair of eyes may see when coming across it for the first time. If you are intending to sell your home, this is vitally important; even though we teach our children not to judge a book by its cover, a potential buyer will ultimately judge your house from the outside before looking at the interior. By ensuring that the front garden is well maintained, your front door is not faded and any features like steel garage doors are in good order is absolutely essential in creating a great first impression.

Your front garden

If your front garden is more of a jungle than a Babylon, then some urgent maintenance is required to make it look inviting and beautiful. Even if you are not selling your home, it is nice to look out from your front window and see a nicely maintained garden at the front of your house, making the property welcoming when you come home from work. Your front garden need not put Alan Titchmarsh to shame, but having a neat lawn and a couple of well-tended flowerbeds can make all the difference.

The doors and windows

Taking in all doors and windows of the property, it is important to look at whether they look attractive and well looked after. A lick of paint on sash windows may help to revitalise them, in the case of older and less well maintained windows, replacement may be in order. The same could be said of steel garage doors, which could benefit from being stripped and repainted in order to make your off street parking look like the feature it is.

Front doors will naturally fade if they are painted, especially if your road has particularly heavy traffic. Again if this needs to be painted, ensuring that the door is stripped fully will help you to create an even and attractive paint job.

Keeping up with the Jones’

How your home is perceived by potential buyers in effect has a lot to do with how your neighbours’ properties are maintained. If your next door neighbour is a dedicated horticulturalist, spending hours manicuring plants and trimming grass to perfection, your garden is bound to look poor in comparison, but ensuring that your property looks neat and well maintained is sure to help. In short:

  • maintaining the garden
  • ensuring doors and windows look fresh, clean and recently painted
  • taking care of your garage doors

will help you to ensure that your property looks amazing to potential buyers, visitors and above all, yourself. If you need further information about garage doors, contacting Arridge Garage Doors will point you in the right direction.


Mary Yohanan writes regular articles about a range of subjects for a number of websites. When she is not writing, she is often out in the garden with his nose in a great book.

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