Top Tips on Updating Your Bathroom on a Budget

An article giving top tips for shaping up your bathroom. Bathrooms are often seen as functional rather than imaginative, useful rather than creative. Here are a few tips on how you can update your bathroom on a budget:-

Make Use of Space

It is a very rare home that has space to extend the bathroom into. Most of us deal with what we are given. A light coloured room with lots of natural light can give the feeling of space to even the smallest of rooms. Why not add a mirror or two to reflect light around the room? You could even make it a heated mirror to ensure you can still see your reflection after a steamy shower.

Light colours on the walls can also make a room feel bigger than it is. If you can’t afford to retile the bathroom and don’t like the colour you have, then find a good tile paint and primer to transform even the most old fashioned looking tiles into something that is bright, clean and trendy. Luxury bathrooms here we come!

Changing the bathroom suite isn’t always an option. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who has inherited a classic 1970’s avocado suite then help is at hand. Quite often by diverting the attention away from the suite you will find you won’t notice it quite as much as you once did. If you don’t notice it, then it won’t bother you quite as much and you might find you start to relax when you take a bath rather than constantly thinking how much it will cost to replace. Keep fresh flowers on the window ledge, install a mirror with a funky surround and pale colour that complements the colour of the suite and let the daylight flood in.

A plant can add warmth to a room too and take away some of its clinical feel and sharp edges. Be sure it likes water if you place it near the shower!

Pretty blinds can cover up ugly windows, a set of matching bath towels can provide some unity and be sure to change the light bulbs so the light is more gentle and subtle. By installing low wattage bulbs you might even save on your electricity bill too.

Keep Tidy

Bathrooms are often places for towels, loo roll and toiletries. Lots of knick-knacks can often make a room look cluttered. Why not invest in a cheap cupboard that you can paint up to store all your cosmetics and spare loo rolls in?

A towel radiator often produces more heat output and looks sleeker than an ordinary radiator, so why not have one installed so your towels are fresh and dry each time you step out of the shower? If you don’t want to splash out on such a thing, you could install a thin curtain rail above your radiator (even a double one if you have the space) so you can hang your damp towels out of the way and still be sure they will dry.

A few simple changes can transform very ordinary bathrooms into luxury bathrooms. Give it a go and see what you can do.


Written by Mary Yohanan, a freelance writer, on behalf of

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