5 Backyard DIY Project Ideas for Sports Lovers

Do sports and physical activity play a major role in your family life? If your clan loves to work up a sweat or if you’re a sports enthusiast struggling to get your kids off the couch, building a game court in your backyard can be just what you’ve been missing.

Apart from helping brand you as “the coolest parent ever” among the neighborhood kids, having access to a sports court will motivate your family to spend more time together. It’s time to stop your DIY procrastination and build a backyard that will create memories that last a lifetime.

DIY Idea #1 – The Classic Basketball Court

You really can’t go wrong here. Most kids are basketball fanatics, whether they like playing H-O-R-S-E, Twenty-One or just straight-up B-Ball.

Moreover, there are a countless number of ways you can customize a basketball court. Here are just a few inspirations to get your mind dribbling:

  • Do you want a full court or will a half-court do the trick?
  • Traditional concrete or stunning stone?
  • Smooth or textured?
  • Cool graphics or a straightforward design?

DIY Idea #2 – Mini-Putt Green

If you want an endless source of entertainment for your family and guests alike, why not build a miniature golf green in your backyard? Not only will this be fun to create, but you can even squeeze it in next to our other DIY ideas if you make it modest enough. Remember, this isn’t the Major Series of Putting and you don’t have to go too intricate.

Things to take into consideration include outer walls, obstacles, ramps and/or jumps, hole positioning, colors and of course, terrain. What’s great about a mini-putt course is that you can use hills and rugged landscapes to create a challenge.

DIY Idea #3 – Hockey Rink

This project unfortunately won’t be tenable for those in warmer climates, but if you live in say, Canada or Finland, this is a great idea for families that want to stay active during winter. Plus, if someone in your family isn’t that into hockey, they can use it as a general skating rink instead.

DIY Idea #4 – Bocce Ball Court

If you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, yet simple and refined, the bocce ball court is a clear winner. You can easily construct a functioning bocce ball court over one or two weekends and can implement some gorgeous masonry around its perimeter for a super stylish backyard design.

DIY Idea #5 – Volleyball Court

Perfect for a mid-summer beach theme party or neighborhood BBQ, a volleyball court is easy to build and a clever way to get your wife to wear that bikini you bought her ages ago. All you need is a bit of space, a lot of sand and a net!

Bonus Ideas – Unique Sports Courts

If you want something truly unique that will have your neighbors glaring out their windows in envy, here are a few ideas you might want to consider:

  • Life-size chess board
  • Bowling lane
  • Horseshoe toss
  • Batting cage
  • Badminton court

Most importantly, remember to have fun and get your friends and family involved!

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