How many levels of classification are there for employment under the National Real Estate Industry Award 2015?

What is a real estate employee level 2 representative level?

a new Real Estate Employee Level 2 (Representative Level) classification which covers employees previously classified as property sales, management and strata/community title management representatives. Their weekly wage is $809.10. … Their weekly wage is $890.60.

What are the two main types of employment agreements in real estate?

There are two types:

  • commission payments as an incentive – you get a guaranteed pay rate plus extra payments for each property you sell or lease.
  • commission only payments – you only get paid if you sell or lease properties. Your payments are based on how many properties you sell or lease.

Are independent contractors covered under the national real estate industry award?

Those persons who work as independent contractors in the property industry are NOT covered by the new award. An independent contractor should seek legal advice in terms of signing an agreement with their chosen agency.

What is the motorcycle allowance under the national real estate industry award?


Allowances Rate
Mobile phone reimbursement – a pre-paid mobile phone reimbursement of a reasonable amount agreed to in writing by the employer and employee
Motorcycle allowance $0.27 per km up to a maximum of 400 kms per week
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What are examples of effective communication strategies real estate?

Communication Skills for Real Estate Agents.

  • Ask questions. Show genuine interest in your vendors and buyers by asking well-considered questions. …
  • Listen. …
  • Written. …
  • Solid body language. …
  • Stay in touch.

What are the 3 types of employment contracts?

Types of Employment Contracts: Permanent employment, temporary employment and independent contractors.

Do all employees need a contract?

If you’re working, you should have an employment contract, regardless of your employment status. While most employment contracts are in writing, they can also be verbal agreements. … Even if you’re not given a written contract, you’re entitled to a written statement outlining your main employment terms.

Is car allowance payable on termination?

If the car allowance is payable when an employee is taking annual leave, it should also be included in the annual leave payment on termination. … A motor vehicle provided by the company as a “tool of trade” however, would not be included in the employee’s ordinary pay for purposes of annual leave pay on termination.

Do you pay annual leave on commission?

A recent case has found that payments in lieu of accrued but untaken annual leave made to an award-free employee earning regular commission in New South Wales, and who was employed immediately prior to Work Choices, must include commission, and not be calculated on base pay alone (Brad Mason v Citigroup Pty Limited …