What is B8 use in commercial property?

What is B1 B2 and B8 use?

B1(c): Light industry appropriate in a residential area. … B2 (General Industrial) Use for industrial process other than one falling within class B1 (excluding incineration purposes, chemical treatment or landfill or hazardous waste). B1; B8. B8 (Storage and Distribution) This class includes open air storage.

What is B1 commercial use?

Class B1 combines some of the office uses formerly within Class II with uses for light industrial purposes formerly within Class III into a business class. It also includes use for the research and development of products or processes.

What is B2 use in commercial property?

Use Class B2 (general industrial) relates to industrial process other than those falling within Use Class B1 (excluding incineration purposes, chemical treatment or landfill or hazardous waste).

What is a B1 property?

B1 – Business

An office not in use within the B2 category (i.e. financial or professional). Development or research of processes or products. Any industrial process, excluding practices which would result in an increase of noise, smell, pollution and other harmful or disturbing emissions.

What is B1 property use?

B1 Business – Uses which can be carried out in a residential area without detriment to its amenity. This class was formed of three parts: B1(a) Offices – Other than a use within Class A2 (see above) B1(b) Research and development of products or processes.

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What is a Class E building?

Essentially, the new regulations (effective from 1 September 2020) introduce a broad category of ‘commercial, business and service’ uses, known as Class E. … The only retail uses not included in Class E are small shops under 280 square metres, selling ‘essential’ goods and not located within 1km of other similar shops.

How do I find the use class of a property?

You will need to contact your local planning authority to find the existing planning use class for a particular property. In addition, you can find more information on Use Classes in our ‘Do you need permission?’

Is hostel residential or commercial?

Legal meaning of ‘Hostel’, Hostel is collegiate hall for students with provision for boarding and lodging. But as per GST/Service Tax, your activity is commercial inasmuch as benefits/concessions for hostel as part of educational institution are available.

What is the difference between B1 and B2 industrial?

B1 industrial means light industrial for business without noise,air pollution created mostly for warehousing,storage or office usage. B2 means heavy industrial normally for business like manufacturing, auto motives repairing and almost any trades.

What use class is a commercial kitchen?

Most restaurants will operate within Use Class A3 (which permits the sale of food or drink for consumption of the premises or hot food for consumption off the premises) however, a number of coffee shops, which nowadays operate as restaurants in all but name, are varying their offering to enable them to trade from A1 ( …