Can residential property be used as commercial?

Can we give residential property for commercial use?

If the zoning rules and the housing society management rules allow it, you can use or rent your residential property for commercial activity. … In case your state allows this, it is necessary to get an approval from the housing society before conversion of residential property to commercial property.

How do I convert residential property to commercial?

Contact the local property tax authorities in your local body/municipal office and request them to convert it to residential to commercial. They will do it by revising the property tax. The tarrif for commercial is two times comparing residential.

Is it hard to change zoning from residential to commercial?

Residential to Commercial

Getting residential property rezoned as commercial property is often difficult because commercial land use may infringe on privacy and cause an increase in traffic. Every resident of a municipality has a right to ask their local zoning board for permission to rezone their residential property.

Can I setup a factory in residential area?

Ordinarily, a garments factory or any other factory cannot run in a residential area. You need to complain to the concerned authorities that the factory is running in violation of the rules and regulations. If the authorities dont take any action, then you need to go to court.

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Why industries should be far from residential area?

In order to produce that product factories releases a large amount of harmful products as waste. In mines too this happens which is harmful for common living, this we should built factories and mines away from residential area.

Is it legal to run a business from a residential property in India?

Is there any law regulating the use of residential property for commercial activity in India? Yes. … For instance, the local municipal authority in your area could make a law forbidding any establishment of industrial or commercial property, as it is a residential area.