Does Noel sell the house?

Does Noel sell the property?

Noel has been selling luxury real estate in the Hamptons for four years, he told Worth, and he’s built up a lot of connections during that time.

Do they actually sell houses on Million Dollar Beach House?

As with all of these shows, however, the question of how real Million Dollar Beach House is or is not is a complicated one. The cast are all real brokers working in The Hamptons, for example, but the Nest Seekers International team we see is just a fraction of their employees in real life.

Why is Peggy so annoying Million Dollar Beach House?

Instead of sharing their Labor Day fans, they shared their thoughts on Season 1 of Million Dollar Beach House. Most of her followers called her out for her casual racism. Others didn’t like her “bullying” attitude. “You’re very much unprofessional and so much drama you definitely ruined the show,” one fan wrote.

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