Quick Answer: How many realtors are in Ohio?

How many licensed realtors are there in Ohio?

Currently, a total of about 50,000 agents and brokers are licensed in Ohio.

Who is the top selling real estate agent in Ohio?

Top Ohio Real Estate Companies

Rank Brokerage Name
1 Keller Williams Dominic Picione – The Incorvaia Team
2 ReMax Metro Plus Lee Ritchie
3 Coldwell Banker Finn Team
4 Keller Williams Greater Columbus Lori Hicks

How much does the average realtor make in Ohio?

The average salary for a real estate agent in Ohio is around $35,190 per year.

What is the average age of a real estate agent?

Age: The average age is 44 years (compared to the average of 40 years). Gender: 50% of workers are female (compared to the average of 48%).

What is the largest real estate company in Ohio?

Keller Williams Realty

The company is now the largest real estate company based on both agent count and sales volume.

How do you find a good realtor?

How to find a real estate agent

  1. Talk to a lender before you hire a real estate agent.
  2. Get referrals from your network.
  3. Research potential candidates.
  4. Interview at least three real estate agents.
  5. Request references — and check them.
  6. Go with your gut.
  7. Take a close look at your contract.
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How do you get featured in Top Agent Magazine?

To receive feature story consideration, we would need a nomination (only send 1) sent in for consideration. You can also see the criteria to see if you qualify at this time: https://topagentmagazine.com/nominate-a-real-estate-agent-to-be-featured/.

What is Realtor salary?

REALTOR median yearly income is around $49,700. REALTORS with 16 years of experience or more averaged nearly $86,500 per year. 27% of REALTORS earned more than $100,000 per year.

Is Ohio real estate exam hard?

Passing the real estate exam can be difficult. According to the Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing, nearly half of applicants fail their real estate salesperson exam. While this is a sobering figure, you should not let it intimidate you.

What is the highest paying real estate job?

The 6 Highest Paying Real Estate Careers with Good Salaries

  • Home Inspector. …
  • Real Estate Lawyer. …
  • Real Estate Broker. …
  • Commercial Real Estate Agent. …
  • Property Manager. …
  • Corporate Real Estate Manager. …
  • Wrapping up.