Your question: What does W S mean in real estate?

What does W S stand for in real estate?

WS mean that “Workshop” for Real Estate.

What is DSQ in housing?

“The presence of domestic servant quarters (DSQ) seems to have been insignificant in determining the price implying that potential home owners are less inclined to make a decision to buy based on the availability of a DSQ either as an additional bedroom or as rentable accommodation,” says the report released in July.

What does WS stand for in school?

Between class day 9 and class day 12 of the course, students will earn a ‘WS’ (withdraw satisfactory) or ‘WU’ (withdraw unsatisfactory), depending on the status of course work accomplished as of the withdrawal date.

What does WS mean in text slang?

WS is used with the meaning “Watersports” to refer to any sporting activity that takes place on or in water (e.g., swimming, diving, water-skiing and surfing), as well as to a sexual activity that involves urinating on or being urinated on by other people.

What does DSQ mean in Olympics?

DSQ: Meaning “disqualified“, the ruling when the jury disqualifies a boat from a race and awards the maximum number of points for the race. Fleet racing: A style of race employed exclusively at these Olympic Games where all the competitors sail against each other at once.

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What is DSQ in swimming?

DSQ: Disqualified. DT: Dead Tired. DNF: Did Not Finish.

What does BD mean in apartments?

bedroom, and kitchenette into a single room.) • Single Room: 1 bed in a room. • Double Room: 2 beds in a room (usually in a dormitory) • Full Bath: contains a commode/toilet, sink, and a tub with a shower.