Who pays for repairs on a commercial property?

Do commercial landlords pay for repairs?

Maintenance and repair

Normally commercial landlords are responsible for any structural repairs such as foundations, flooring, roof and exterior walls, and tenants are responsible for non-structural repairs such as air conditioning or plumbing.

What is a commercial landlord responsible for?

Generally speaking, the landlord is responsible for repairs and maintenance of the structural aspects of the building. This could include lifts, common areas and roofing. It is important that the commercial lease agreement clearly sets out what is defined as general repairs and structural repairs.

Who is responsible for commercial building insurance landlord or tenant?

The landlord/owner-occupier will always arrange the building insurance of a property, and may also wish to take out rent guarantee and loss of rental income to protect their income should a tenant be unable or unwilling to pay rent.

What should be included in a commercial lease?

Four Terms to Include In Your Commercial Lease Agreement

  • The Parties & Personal Guarantees. …
  • Lease Term & Renewals. …
  • Rent Payments and Expenses. …
  • Business Protection Clauses.

Is an EICR a legal requirement for commercial property?

If you are a commercial landlord, you have a legal duty of care to your tenant. … To comply with laws, as a landlord, you will need to have your property surveyed with an EICR before it is let to tenants. You will also need to ensure that the electrician you have hired is legally registered to perform an EICR.

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Who is responsible for damp in a commercial property?

Your landlord’s duty to repairing damp and mould

As a responsible tenant, you should notify your landlord of potential damp as soon as possible to limit damage. For commercial property tenancies that began on or after 1st October 2015, your landlord has no more than 14 days to acknowledge the damp issue.

Who is responsible for building maintenance in a lease?

The landlord may assume responsibility for arranging the repairs to the structure or external parts of a buildings. (or indeed any common parts shared with other tenants) The landlord will however, generally recover any costs from the tenants by way of a service charge.